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How to do it SGI style...
There's so much to do on St. George Island and we locals have our own special way of doing everything. This series of videos will tell you How to Do SGI like a local.

Shuck an oyster thumbnail

How to Shuck an Oyster - Apalachicola's oysters are some of the finest in the world. These delectable bivalves are caught fresh daily in Apalachicola Bay using the old style tonging method. Local resident Russ Knapp shows you how to shuck one of these delicious briney delicacies.



Boil Shrimp thumbnailHow to Boil Shrimp
- Our Gulf shrimp are caught year round by local fisherman. They are succulent and tender. Boiling shrimp can be a bit tricky because you never want to over cook them. Local cook 'Smokey' Joe Brown shows you the best way to conquer this task.

Low country boil thumbnailHow to Prepare a Low Country Boil
- A Low Country Boil is a tradition here on St. George Island. From family reunions, to weddings, to other special occasions, we all love a Low Country Boil. Gather your fresh Gulf shrimp, some red potatoes, some ears of corn and follow local cook 'Smokey' Joe Brown's instructions and you're sure to have a fabulous feast for the whole family.

kayak fish thumbnailHow to Kayak Fish
- Our local waters are beautiful and bountiful and there's no better way to enjoy nature and catch some fish than to do it in a kayak. Local expert Jeremy Willoughby shows you just what you need for a kayak fishing expedition on St. George Island.

cast net thumbnailHow to Throw a Cast Net - Who says you need a rod and reel to fish? You'll often see locals wading in the bay and throwing their nets to catch a bounty of mullet - a local favorite. Throwing a cast net is easier than you might think with the right instruction. Local expert Don Hammock shows you the technique you'll need to net your catch.

fish from shore thumbnailHow to Fish from Shore
- With our miles and miles of pristine shoreline here on St. George Island, a local favorite is to fish from shore. With the proper equipment and technique you can catch a number of species; redfish, speckled trout, whiting, Spanish makerel, ladyfish and so much more. Local expert Jeremy Willoughby shows you what you'll need for a successful day of surf fishing.

skim board thumbnailHow to Skim Board
- Water activities abound here on St. George Island and with a little balance, a board, the right wave and a bit of practice, you too can enjoy enjoy skim boarding.  Local Ben Law shows you a few tips on how to have a successful go at skim boarding.

bloody mary thumbnailHow to Make the Perfect SGI Bloody Mary
- Everyone enjoys a cool beverage at the beach and we can't think of a better way to start your day than with the perfect Bloody Mary. Local mixologist Wanda Faircloth shows you the best way to mix and garnish this popular cocktail, SGI style.

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