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Places to Shop on St. George Island

Island Dog Beach and Surf Shop at 160 E Pine Ave St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: (850) 927-2600

Island Outfitters at 235 E Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2604

Jolly Roger Beach Shop at 139A W. Gorrie Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2999

Journey’s of St. George Island at 240 E Third Street, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-3259

Market Place Grocery at 244 Franklin Blvd., St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-3960

Pam's Air Brush & Henna Tattoos at Gulf Beach Dr., St. George Island
Phone: 850-653-8393

Sea Oats Art Gallery at 128 East Pine Street, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2303

SGI Fresh Market at 119 Franklin Blvd., St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-2299

Sometimes It’s Hotter Seasoning Company at 112 E. Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850- 927-5039

St. George Island Adventures at 105 E. Gulf Beach Dr., St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-3655

St. George Island Trading Post at 101 Franklin Boulevard, St. George Island, FL
Phone: 850-927-2253

Two Gulls Two at 136 East Pine Street, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2044


All That Jazz at 84 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-4800

Apalach Outfitters at 32 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-3474

Apalachicola Chocolate Company at 15 Avenue E, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-370-6937

Apalachicola Sponge Company & Smokehouse Antiques at 31 Avenue E, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-5564

Artemis Gallery at 127 Commerce Street. Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2030

Bowery Art Gallery at 149 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2425

Charming Comforts at 87 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2777

Downtown Books & Purl at 67 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1290

Forgotten Coast Outfitters at 94 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9669

Gainey’s Antiques at 85 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-227-8669

Grady Market at 76 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-4099

Honey Hole Liquors at 252 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2899

Katie McFarland Pottery & Store at 118 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 407-421-1604

Local Color Emporium at 86 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-387-5982

Market Street Antiques at 115 Avenue B, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1006

Olde Time Soda Fountain at 93 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2606

Oystercatcher at 79 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1616

Peddler’s Ally at Market Street, Apalachicola

Reel Memories at 10 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1626

Retsyo Inc. at 82 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-323-0599

Richard Bickel Photography at 81 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2828

Riverlily at 78 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2600

Rose's Botanicals & Soap Factory at 76 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2020

Tamara's Boutique in Cafe con Leche at 234 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2233

The Frame Shop at 76 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1919

The Green Door at 32 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1424

Tin Shed Nauticals & Antiques at 170 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-3635

Two Gulls Too at 54 A Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2727

Wombat Sound at 29 Avenue E, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-3871


Beach Trader at 1781 Highway 98 West, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-653-7628

Carrabelle Medical Pharmacy at 206 Marine St # 206, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-2766

Christie's Cottage Living at 105 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-524-4492

Moore Treasures at 1795 West Highway 98, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-4491

Seahorse Antiques at Highway 98, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-3751

Two Gulls at 201 S. Sixth Street (Highway 98), Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-2392


Big Top Supermarket at 357 Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL 32328
Phone: 850-670-8626 at 29 Island Drive, Eastpoint
Phone: 850-670-1267

Tiffin Interiors at 117 Highway 98, Eastpoint
Phone: 850-670-8811

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