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Dining & Night Life on St. George Island

Nightlife long verticalLow key or high energy, St. George Island’s night life options are as varied as her visitors. What’s you’re idea of a great night out?  Is it a long walk on the beach watching the sun set, or gazing up to the sky as the stars twinkle while listening to the sounds of the surf? Or hunting ghost crabs along the shore or how about a nighttime fishing expedition? Or perhaps enjoying a cocktail with a circle of friends, or climbing a lighthouse to watch the full moon rise, or a night of karaoke fun at a local watering hole?  Prefer listening to some favorites on the jukebox, or enjoying the music of a live band? Or even playing a few rounds of air hockey at the local game room, or trying your luck at bingo? Whatever your idea of great a night out - St. George Island has got you covered!

Pizza, subs, steaks, barbeque, fresh local seafood and oysters galore! St. George Island and its surrounding areas are loaded with terrific places to dine. Our island dining options range from surf and turf and burgers at a beachfront café, or courtyard dining on local specialties, or enjoying a few dozen of our famous Apalachicola oysters and a frosty beverage on the outdoor patio of a local raw bar. Many of our restaurants are pet friendly, so don’t forget to bring Fido. If you’re staying in one of our many vacation rentals, you may want to cook your own fabulous seafood feast. Just visit one of our seafood stands for fresh-off-the-boat local delicacies!

Restaurants on St. George Island

Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream at 147 E. Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-3229

B. J.’s Pizza & More at 105 W. Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2805

Black Marlin's Bar & Grill at 200 Gunn Street, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-4555

Blue Parrot Oceanfront Café at 68-A Gorrie Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-2987

Harry A’s Restaurant at 28 W. Bayshore Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-3400

Market Place Grocery at 244 Franklin Blvd., St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-3960

Paddy's Raw Bar at 240 East 3rd Street, St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-2299

SGI Fresh Market at 119 Franklin Blvd., St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-2299

Sometimes IT's Hotter Seasoning Co. at 112 E. Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island, FL 32328
Phone: 850-927-5039

Subway Sandwich Shop at 163 E. Gulf Beach Drive, St. George Island
Phone: 850-927-4781

The Beach Pit at 49 West Pine Street, St. George Island
Phone: 850-799-1020

Alligator Point

End of the World Oasis at 1648 Alligator Drive, Alligator Point
Phone: 850-349-2058


Apalachicola Chocolate Company at 15 Avenue E, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-370-6937

Apalachicola Seafood Grill at 100 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9510

Bay City Lodge Restaurant at 1000 Bay City Road, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9294

Bay Subway

Bite Me Deli at 146 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-3354

Boss Oyster at 125 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9364

Bowery Station at 252 Water Street, Suite B, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-2211

Burger King at 421 Highway 98, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-3045

Café con Leche at 234 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2233

Caroline’s Dining on the River at 123 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-8139

Dolores’ Sweet Shoppe at 133 Highway 98, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9081

Gormley's at the Gibson at 51 Avenue C, Apalachicola
Phone: (850) 653-1040

Gulfside IGA Grocery & Deli at 425 W. Highway 98, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-9695

Hole in the Wall at 23 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-3222

Hong Kong Bistro at 238 Highway 98, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-8888

Olde Time Soda Fountain at 93 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2606

Owl Café at 15 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9888

Oyster City Brewing Company at 17 Avenue D, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-2739

Papa Joe’s Oyster Bar & Grill at 45 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-1189

Piggly Wiggly Grocery & Deli at 130 Highway 98, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-8768

Slice of Apalachicola at 17 Avenue E, Apalachicola, FL 32320
Phone: 850-653-1200

Tamara’s Café at Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-4111

Tamara's Tapas Bar at 73 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-8272

The Tap Room at the Owl at 15 Avenue D, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-9888

Up The Creek Raw Bar at 313 Water Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-2525

Up The Stairs at 76 Market Street, Apalachicola
Phone: 850-653-4888


Carrabelle IGA Grocery & Deli at 812 NW Avenue A, Carrabelle, FL 32327
Phone: 850-697-2710

Carrabelle Junction at Tallahassee Street, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-9550

Crooked River Grill at 151 Laughing Gull Lane, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-5050

Emsy's Cafe at 1 Gulf Beach Drive, Carrabelle, FL 32322
Phone: (850) 646-3339

Fathoms Steam & Raw Bar at 201 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-9712

Fish Camp Restaurant at 275 Timber Island Road, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-1029

Hog Wild Bar B Q at 1595 Highway 98, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-2776

Home Town BP Deli at 109 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-5111

Mama Jo's Pizza at 208 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle, FL 32327
Phone: 850-733-0211

Subway Sandwich Shop at 116 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-2190

The Fisherman's Wife at 111 St. James Avenue, Carrabelle
Phone: 850-697-4533

The Pearle at 2325 Highway 98 E, Lanark Village FL 32322
Phone: 850-720-1092


El Jalisco at 105 Highway 98, Eastpoint
Phone: 850-670-5900

Family Coastal on The Bay at 500 Hwy 98 West, Eastpoint FL 32320
Phone: (850) 670-1919

Lynn's Seafood & Raw Bar at 402 Highway 98, Eastpoint, FL 32328
Phone: 850-670-8796

Red Pirate Family Grill and Oyster Bar at 236 Highway 98, Eastpoint
Phone: 850-670-1090

Data provided by Franklin County TDC

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